MyBC Portal Guidelines and Usage Policies

The MyBC Portal is an intranet application that allows Butte College students, faculty, and staff the ability to access and manage multiple sources of data and communications from a single place. MyBC provides the following types of functionality to our users:

Our long-term goal is to provide an application that will truly transform the way we communicate with our students and with each other, to provide a single interface to numerous pieces of data/communication that are currently segregated into several different places, and to convert a number of paper-driven processes into electronic work flows.

User Accounts
Upon being accepted at Butte College, all students are assigned an official college user name and password for accessing MyBC and email. If you applied to Butte College on or after 7/1/09, this account information was emailed to the personal email address that you supplied in your college application. If you applied before 7/1/09, or if you cannot locate your account information, please go to to retrieve it.

Rights and Responsibilities
The rights and responsibilities outlined in this document are designed to ensure fair access and educational use for all users. The MyBC Portal is intended for the use of the Butte College students, faculty, and staff for teaching, learning and administrative college purposes; any use that is counter to these purposes or that interferes with such use by others is unacceptable.

MyBC users are bound by the computer and network use policies set forth in Board Policy 3720 and Administrative Procedure 3720 as a condition of using MyBC. Inappropriate usage could include (but is not limited to):

All reports of alleged violations will be handled in accordance with the procedures set forth in Administrative Procedure 3720.

The college expects that students will use MyBC and their official college email addresses to receive and read email messages and MyBC announcements on a frequent and timely basis. Students are not absolved from the responsibilities associated with the contents of electronic communications if electronic communications are not received and read on a frequent and timely basis.

Users are assigned 100MB of disk storage within the My Sites portion of the MyBC Portal, and 200MB of disk storage within the student email system. Students are expected to maintain their own email inboxes and each student is responsible for managing their own disk storage usage. The college does offer the capability to forward email from a college email address to another email address. However, the college will only support the college email system provided to students. The college is not responsible for the handling of email by outside vendors. Students are not absolved from the responsibilities associated with communications sent to their official college email address if email forwarding results in the loss of email messages.

Documents or other content that consume disk storage on the My Sites portion of MyBC are typically backed up a nightly basis. Students are expected to maintain and organize their content appropriately, and each student is responsible for managing their own disk storage. These documents/contents may be deleted if a student has not been enrolled for an extended period (as of the writing of this document that period has not been identified, but it will likely be 2-3 semesters).

All persons exercising the privilege of using MyBC accept certain implied obligations and limitations that may not be specifically listed in this document (such as storage space, bandwidth, time limits, etc.).

The MyBC Portal can be accessed at

Technical Support
If you need technical support for MyBC, please contact the following:

Students: Student Technical Support, 530.895.2925,
Faculty/staff: User Support Services, 530.895.2888,
Normal office hours: 8AM 5PM, Monday - Friday
Summer office hours: 7AM 5PM, Monday - Thursday